All We Do Is Ball Sports provides your school with sports classes that are fun and detailed in the skills and fundamentals of sports. As a company, we bring 15 years of coaching and teaching experience with all of our coaches having an extensive background in the sports realm.

Whether it be in the form of playing or coaching, we have the ability to teach and coach children of all ages. We teach toddlers who are just starting their sports journey while also help the child who is very skilled and is trying to become a superstar athlete. Our goal is to place a love for sports into every child’s heart. We want to be your child’s first coach and to make their introduction to sports the best in the world!


My two sons were with coach Mike for over two years, and they loved it. Mike is the best coach we had. He goes above and beyond to make his class fun and dynamic, my kids were never bored and always looked forward to his classes, He teaches great skills while the kids play soccer, baseball and basketball and does it in a positive and caring way. He has an amazing way to engage with the kids specially toddlers. My sons gained confidence, improved their motor skills, coordination, responsibility, learned to love sports, and how to be good team mates.  I highly recommend coach Mike!

Annabella Escayg

He was our daughter’s sports coach for 3 years starting at age 3.  He taught her soccer, t-ball and basketball.  Coach Mike was simply amazing with her.  She is short for her age and has no athletic background, but he worked with her and made sure she had fun and never got frustrated.  She also has life threatening food allergies and always kept her safe. He is so patient with all the kids and has a wonderful personality.  After Ava finished with him, our son started. Noah has a “challenging” personality and has trouble following instructions…but again, Coach Mike was amazing with him.  We were nervous to start him, because we were worried, he’d be disruptive to the other students…but Coach Mike made sure Noah participated appropriately.  We have also had Coach Mike at our children’s birthday parties where there were 40+ kids of all ages. All of the families would comment on how impressed they were by him and how all of the kids listen to him! To add, I am on the board of the Playa Vista Moms Group. We are a nonprofit 501c3 with 570 members (not including significant others and children). We have had the pleasure of having Coach Mike come to many of our events where he selflessly volunteered his time. He is very well known here in Playa Vista. The community adores him as he has simply become family to us all.

We can’t recommend Coach Mike enough for any opportunity for which he is being considered.

Amanda and Josh Goldman

Coach Mike has not only been an outstanding coach for our two boys, but he has been an even better role model.  Our boys “light up” when they see him. Any child who is lucky enough to have Coach Mike in their lives will learn so much about team sports, integrity, discipline, dedication, and passion. We are forever grateful for our years of experience with Coach Mike. 

Stacy K.

Coach Mike coached my boys in various sports from the time they were in preschool. I cannot say enough good things about our time with Coach Mike. He is extremely knowledgeable in the sports he coaches, he is amazing with the kids- really getting down to their level no matter where they are, and he is all around a wonderful person to be around. My boys learned so much, improved their skills and most importantly their confidence on the field and really look at Coach Mike as a mentor not just a sports coach. Any child would be lucky to work with Coach Mike.

All true! We love you Mike!